Henry Lever Action .22WMR (.22 Mag) (Part 1)

Y-ERD Outdoors

This write up will be in multiple parts. Part 1 will focus on the reason why I made this purchase and it’s intended use, which may surprise some people who aren’t used to the concept.I purchased this gun to hunt wild hogs. Yes, a .22 mag for big stinky nasty hogs.

So why a .22 mag to hunt hogs? Well I live in Louisiana in which we are overrun with hogs. On private land you can hunt hogs all year with any weapon and at nighttime outside of deer season (Beginning of March until the End of August). I do have family land with tons of hogs but, it is a considerable drive and there is plenty public land closer to home with tons of hogs. Public land the rules are different, you can only hunt hogs incidentally to any open season. So that means I can only use a…

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