Survey shows farmers and hunters have a lot in common.

The Dakota Sky

As a lifelong hunter, I appreciate the fact that most of my hunting is done on someone else’s property. The days I spend in the field are possible only because a farmer has graciously allowed me to hunt on his or her land. I am there to pursue a hobby, while the farmer is there to grow a profitable crop and support a family.

Hunters and farmers have always shared a common connection with the land. Generally speaking, hunters rely on farmers to develop sustainable wildlife habitat, while farmers look to hunters to help control crop depredation and maintain healthy animal populations.

The best examples of this relationship are on display each fall when pheasant hunters walk through strips of unharvested corn, deer hunters sit silently in tree-stands overlooking shelter belts and waterfowl hunters blend into the cattailed sloughs.

Great hunting spots require purposeful land stewardship.

These days, it is…

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Diary Of A Snow Goose Hunter Entry: Calling in a Sandhill Crane!

Sporting Journal Radio


Diary of a snow goose hunter:  Entry 1, 3/15/15

by Bret Amundson

I’m a little late getting started on this diary as we’ve been on the road for close to a month now.  I was invited to come with Tony Crotty and Mid Migration Outfitters to hit the road for the spring snow goose season.  We started in Nebraska and will work our way up through South Dakota.  This year has been crazy to say the least…I’ll have more on that and what we’ve experienced already in a future entry.  For now, check out this video below…

We started seeing sandhill cranes migrating through a couple of days ago…one actually landed in our decoy spread.  I took a couple of pictures and told stories of how I hunted them near Thief River Falls a few years ago.  “Ribeye of the sky” is their nickname and it held true the first…

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