Hunting accident

Well guys I had it coming. a major hunting accident took place last Saturday. it’s nothing big but while I was trying to shoot a deer I got a ricochet straight into my leg.

I had to get evacuated to the hospital to remove the pellets from my leg. I will have to lie down for a while. the doctors say that it will take around 3-4 weeks of rest until I can walk on the foot since it tore a band of some kind (god damnit)

I am a goner for now. this will give me some good time for thinking and contemplating about my life. being hit by a gun really hurts. actually it hurts much more than I imagined. I can only guess what happens to the animals that I shoot when the full stack of pellets hit them. I know it might sound weird to you but this hit did something to me.

my friends tell me that I need to open up more. well I guess I needed to get hit by a gun to stop and rethink my life. I kind of feel bad now and I am not sure where this is taking to. my girl is by my side to help me out on the weekends but the rest of the time I am left completely alone and this is pretty damn hard.

I have the holy bible with me and I decided to start reading it. I don’t think I can ever be religious but I kinda feel that in bad times like these there should be something that makes me stronger other than hate and shooting. perhaps this was all very wrong. I don’t want to bum all of my hunting friends but I really feel some how that maybe this is the end of my hunting days.

For now I am listening to the doors. one of my favorites.

Have a quiet night, and watch out for ricochets…