I’m starting to learn internet marketing

So I am feeling so much better these days, I am finally walking a bit more even though I still need clutches. but the good news is that I have decided to learn more about internet marketing. I liked the internet ever since I was a child but never really spent time on seeing how I can turn this into a job.

I was looking over the web to see some helpful contents that will assist me and I found many cool posts and sites online. some were better than others but all of them are extremely exciting. here is the video that pushed me to make the final decision and go for it.

I mean the industry is huge, it’s full of cool people and I really think I got the talent to do it. I started reading some guides on social media which I think are good enough. here is the list of resources that I found useful about it:

1. https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-social-media

2. http://blog.fiverr.com/social-marketing-dos-donts/

3. http://mashable.com/2012/06/12/social-media-beginners-guide/

4. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/getting-started/

5. http://knowledge.hubspot.com/social-media-user-guide

I can’t express to you more how excited I am. I am going to already help my father’s friend. he has a small company that sells air brushes. so I was thinking about turning to the artists out there. I mean air brushes are used to paint cars as a main industry but artists are also a niche.

So we are going to try to make some cool videos that show the process of an air brush painting process like this one :

I really think I am going to get good at this. my blog will still have personal recovery stories and stuff that I like doing but will also include more information about what I learn from my new profession! sorry to be to hyped up here but I hope you guys understand. It’s just the first time that I really feel something new is coming into my life and I am extremely ecstatic about it.

I hope you will all have a good weekend, and follow your dreams!

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